Here goes nothin’

sc July 12_052sc July 12_053sc July 12_054sc July 12_055sc July 12_056

Hoo hoo hoooooooo! this is an exciting one, yes?  haha!

I drew this one back in may, and let me tell you, it kicks off some stuff.  I was thinking about putting all of the next five or six updates together as one big one, but that would defeat the purpose of bite-sized sci fi adventures now wouldn’t it?

If you wanted to buy a book and still haven’t, just shoot me a message and we’ll figure something out!

I’m one week into my Sabbatical.  Related to the research aspects that break, I’ve listened to two 2 week modular classes worth of lectures, read a book, and done quite a bit of reflecting, walking, praying, all that good stuff.  Gotta say, I’m really enjoying it.

July 12 new comic

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