sc July 19_059sc July 19_060sc July 19_061sc July 19_062sc July 19_063

I seriously debated posting the next three or four all at once as they come right after the other, but I think I still like the idea of breaking it up into easily digest-able chunks.

I got to attend a cloudscape meeting last week, cloudscape is vancouver’s comic creating community, and I LOVED it.  I could never go because it’s always on Wednesdays (and I always had youth Wednesday nights)  but there’s just something about being in a room filled with people who care about the same creative thing you care about.  Pretty cool!

Anyways.  Let me know if I should just post the rest of this story so I can get back to stand alone 5 pagers, or if you don’t mind the pace!  I realize i haven’t given my “archie comic in space” idea a fair shake because after 2 stand-alone stories, i got trapped in linear continuity LIKE A FOOL.  I want to get back to that.

sc July 19 new comic

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