sc July 26_066sc July 26_067sc July 26_068sc July 26_069sc July 26_070

That’s right, you devoted readers who are keeping up with the story, you can rest easy knowing that our good captain is alive, but will probably die alone.   Next week’s update is going to break my “5 page” update rule.  You’ll get 5 pages of shameless exposition style comic, with 5 pages of actual update.  what fun!  One thing I’ve liked about going to cloudscape in vancouver and having comics minded people read my comics is getting subtle feedback.  From what I can tell, my premise of “archie comics but in space” people like! but when they read it, they immediately have questions surrounding the lore and stuff.  Makes sense, but it also means i’m missing the “archie comics in space” mark a bit. So I’m thinking about that quite a bit!

So it turns out at comiccon this year, they just announced an AWESOME CARTOON based off of one of my favourite episodes of Star Trek TNG that follows around the lowest ranked people on the ship for a day or two.  Basically, it’s going to be what I hoped Space Chuck could one day become.  What does that mean?  Well, for one thing, I’ll probably be redesigning the space chuck uniforms (seeing as they’re pretty much a blatant star trek rip-off.)  But that’ll make sense story wise in a month or two. 😀

sc July 26 new comic


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