Reunited and it feels so good


Ahh, I really enjoyed making this week’s update!  It only takes 20 seconds to read, and it took quite a while to make, but i think it’s what the arc calls for.  the end of this particular storyline is in sight!  When I assemble all of these together into the book, the whole thing will flow nicely.

Also!  For anyone who wants a space chuck book one but DOESN’T like paying shipping, I have two copies left!  $20 and you can have one, and I’ll hand it to you.  What a deal! 😉

Thanks again for reading!  If you like these comics, really the best thing you can do to support me is actually sharing them with friends you think might like them.  With Space Chuck, I really do want to make “Archie in Space”, fun, easily-to-digest bite-sized adventure to put a smile on your face (and soon, we’ll get back to more obviously stand-alone comics!)  So if it scratches that itch, please give ’em a share!

sc aug 9 new comic

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