Short on Supplies

sc aug 16_092sc aug 16_093sc aug 16_094sc aug 16_095sc aug 16_096

If this is the first space chuck comic you’ve read, it probably isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense!  I would highly recommend reading through BOOK ONE, which can be found here online by looking at the ‘archives’ tab located at the top of the page!  I’m realizing it’s hard (next to impossible for me) to write a 5 page episode that builds into a larger story without having it rely on the story from previous episodes or chapters.  I much like updating once a week (as opposed to once a month with chapters like I had done previously) BUT i’m still missing the mark of my experiment.  A few more weeks and I think it’ll be back on track (but I’ve literally been saying that for a month. haha!)  In any case, it’s gonna read real nice when it’s smacked all together in a book.

sc aug 16 new comic

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